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About Us

When I met my husband I remember meeting this man who I never wanted to be apart from and somehow this allowed me to believe that we could do anything together. We would spend our evenings sampling his whiskey collection while watching episodes of River Cottage. We started dreaming about acquiring our own patch of dirt to grow food for our family when we were living in a tiny apartment.

We would leave our apartment as often as possible to throw ourselves in ocean baths, walk through national parks and find community gardens to picnic in. It didn't take long for us to  plot our tree change and within a year of meeting one another had found a piece of land with a small 70’s cottage on it and a few acres to grow whatever we wanted. To this day every time we drive through our squeaky gates we are kind of in awe that this is our home.

My husband has a background in horticulture working to green urban landscapes with rooftop gardens and vertical gardens. I am a therapist with a passion for nutrition’s critical role in healing both body and soul. We both grew up in families obsessed by food in every way, everything cooked from scratch, shared with loved ones and brimming with flavour. On our own farm there was a lot of work to be done, somehow this work needed to be done in the hours where we weren’t working, commuting and visiting family – that is precious few.

It wasn’t until our beloved son was born that we finally had the drive to get our hands in the dirt to grow what would become his first meals. What we didn’t expect was how much joy growing these nutrient dense meals would bring us. We were sending our family and friends home with baskets of fresh produce and harvesting fresh ingredients daily for the most flavourful dinners I'd ever made. It is just as Alice Waters famously said 'when you have the best and tastiest ingredients, you can cook very simply and the food will be extraordinary because it tastes like what it is'.

Everything we grow here at Mahika Meadows is meticulously cared for and is just so delicious. We felt the transformation with our energy and found more time to be home at play rather than going to the market for dinner ingredients.

Our question was how can we offer fresh produce to more homes while also collaborating with farmers in our community to do more of what they love? Mahika Produce is our solution - bringing fresh seasonal produce to your door. We source from a select few local growers who share our values around high quality produce and sustainable farming.

It is important to us that any venture we embark on would somehow leave the world a better place. With this in mind all leftover produce is donated to our local food bank and a percentage of our profits is donated to assisting the underserved globally with microfinance loans to start their own farming ventures.